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Learning through Skills Acquisition Initiative (LETSAI) is a youth led, women focused non- profit organization established in June 2015.

LETSAI was duly registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission in March 2018 with registration number CAC/IT/N0 107330.

LETSAI particularly targets women, youths and children, the most vulnerable members of the society; it addresses protection issues through sustainable livelihood, Gender Based Violence (GBV), psychosocial support through women groups and counseling session and women empowerment interventions. The organization works with the relevant stakeholders towards peace building, sensitize women on GBV, management of survivors of violence by building and developing the skills of women and young girls. Hygiene promotion as a component where best practices of hygiene are being enhanced through house to house sensitization. The organizational values include timeliness, good attitude, integrity, excellence and professionalism while mainstreaming gender in all her interventions.

We prioritize the following SDGs:

Our Vision

To create a new world where there is no caste, creed, race, patriarchy, Religion discrimination but only humanitarian ship and equality between genders.

Our Mission

Literacy and social awareness, self-reliance community, social development, Leadership development, empowering women with skills and ending/ reducing violence against women and girls.

Our Objectives

Our Values

At the core of everything we do, our values are:







Gender and Cultural Sensitivity


A woman with a voice is unbreakable.


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We try to unite with everyone Globally.

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